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Move Over 007…Meet 777, License to Save

Bond. James Bond…007. License to…well you know the line. Wherever he goes, the world-famous British spy arrives in style. And so did we as we arrived at Barbados’ Grantley Adams International Airport where we were met by a disarmingly charming, and if I may say dashingly handsome young man. He wasn’t the MI6 resident agent that usually greets James Bond…he was a hospitality expediter. But I felt a bit like James Bond as he escorted us around the long lines of arriving international passengers who gaped at us, wondering who we were and how we rated such treatment.

We walked past the Barbados immigration and customs checkpoints without pause as our escort greeted each gun-toting agent we encountered with a wink that the agents returned with a knowing nod. He later confessed that his secret was bribing the Barbados immigration and customs agents with home cooked goodies that he regularly brought to them. We didn’t care how he did it, he made us feel special as he whisked us through the chaos in the arrivals area directly to our waiting Rolls Royce Bentley sedan, complete with driver decked out in his best James Bond black tie tuxedo.

That’s traveling in style. Not every guest staying at a Sandals resort gets the James Bond treatment upon arrival at the airport, but you don’t have to be an MI6 double 0 agent to enjoy the white glove luxury Sandals offers all guests from the moment you arrive at the resort. If you liked what you saw from Sandals Royal Barbados in our social media posts last month when we stayed there, or if you’ve seen posts from our previous trips to one of the Sandals resorts, you may be thinking, “I want that…but I can’t afford it.” Sandals resorts do tend to be a bit more expensive than other all-inclusive resorts, but just because you have a budget for your next vacation doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the all-inclusive luxury of a Sandals resort.

Both Sandals, and their family-oriented Beaches brand of resorts, offer weekly specials that represent a real savings over their regular rates. They call it their 777 promotion. For 7 days you can take advantage of an additional 7% off the Sandals rack rate on 7 qualifying rooms and properties. Book a Sandals resort on a seven triple seven promotion and get double 0 seven treatment, without having to take out a second mortgage.

Sandals releases a new 777 promotion every week on Wednesdays, with some important caveats:

1. The 777 savings can’t be added to an existing booking, so if you already have a Sandals resort booked, you won’t be able to get a further price reduction if that resort and room category comes out in a 777 promotion. We have to get you booked while the promotion is valid.

2. Each 777 promotion is only good for 7 days, and only for the 7 rooms and properties listed in the promotion. That’s a firm cut-off. Unlike many supplier “special” offers that are extended or renewed seemingly endlessly, once a 777 promotion ends it is over, so you have to act fast to get the savings.

3. There is a minimum stay requirement of three days. No problem…you’ll want to stay longer.

4. There are some blackout dates, but they aren’t as limiting as many other supplier promotions. This week’s specials are good for dates that stretch through the end of the year for select Sandals resorts, and into 2024 for select Beaches properties.

There is also some good news in the fine print. Sandals’ 777 promotions are combineable with standard Sandals discounts, and that can lead to even more savings! The 777 promotion can be combined with the military and veterans discount Sandals offers, as well as the loyalty booking discount you get when you book your next stay while you are at a Sandals resort. That combination of discounts can make a Sandals vacation a very affordable option. The Sandals 777 promotion isn’t just limited to entry level rooms either. This week’s promotion includes veranda suites, luxury honeymoon rooms, and even a Honeymoon Oceanfront Butler Suite.

Sandals properties are adults only and targeted to couples. The only bed you’ll find in a Sandals resort is king-sized, with no sleeper sofas or rollaway beds. They are also not the place to go for singles…bookings for singles are generally not accepted unless part of a group booking, like a destination wedding. And even then, all singles bookings are reviewed and must be approved by the resort management.

Don’t think we aren’t looking out for families, or those of you wanting to plan a friends’ getaway but aren’t keen to share a bed with someone else. Sandals has a companion brand for you called Beaches that offer a variety of bedding configurations suitable for whomever you bring along on your vacation. Some Beaches resorts have an adults only pool and some adults only restaurants, so couples, friends traveling without kids, or parents who just want to get away from their kids for a while, have a retreat to escape to. And the Beaches resort brand offers their own weekly 777 promotions that work similarly to the Sandals promotions.

Janet has instructed me to start posting the weekly Sandals and Beaches 777 offers, and I always do what Janet tells me. Well…almost always. Definitely this time…they are already posted to our website, and Janet was so excited about the offer she couldn’t wait for me to upload this post…she put it out on our business Facebook page Thursday night.

If you are interested in a future Sandals or Beaches booking, check out the latest 777 promotion our website or on our FB business page. If you don’t see the resort or room category you are interested in, check back weekly every Wednesday. If James Bond style all-inclusive luxury is your idea of the perfect vacation, give Janet a call. She can walk you through all of the amazing Sandals and Beaches resorts, share pictures from our stays, and let you know the latest 777 promotion, so she gets the best available price for your next Sandals vacation.

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