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The European Non-Visa ETIAS…Delayed Yet Again?

Updated: Oct 14, 2023

I recently posted about Europe’s new requirement for American tourists to apply for entry through their Electronic Traveler Information and Authorization System, or ETIAS. When I posted about it back in July, all signs pointed to the European’s implementing the oft delayed requirement beginning in January, 2024. But even then warning signs of further delay were already flashing. The European Commission wasn’t accepting applications, nor did they have a date when they would start accepting them. And now It seems that there will be yet another delay.

There has been no official word from the European Commission office responsible for the program, but a recent post to a European visa website reported implementation of the ETIAS requirement is now delayed at least until mid-2024, and possibly as late as May, 2025. We’ll see. When it happens, we’ll be sure to advise our Europe-bound clients.

It doesn’t look like the ETIAS application and approval process will become any more cumbersome than I shared in my July post. It will still be almost as easy as placing an order on The challenge seems to be getting all of the participating nations’ information systems synched up to handle the new requirement. When it happens, I expect it will come with plenty of notice.

If you have plans to visit Europe in 2024 or beyond, be sure to visit the European Commission’s ETIAS website a couple of weeks before you head to the airport for the latest update.

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